Christmas Party & Awards Night

London City AC held its annual Christmas Party at SAMA Bankside this year in a hugely successful and enjoyable event. A huge thank you to Heather Haggis, who organised this year’s party. This year included our first ever awards ceremony. The awards were to celebrate the achievements of our members and to thank those hardworking volunteers who make everything happen.


  1. Volunteer of the Year: Vikki McLachlan
  2. Cross Country Awards (For most points scored for 2017/18 Season): Jess Fawcett & Bryan Maillardet
  3. Southern Athletics League Awards (For most points scored for 2018 Season): Rachel Collins & Tim Campion
  4. Mooiman Award (For positive contribution to our Cross Country Men’s Team): Josh Slingsby & Adam Millbery (shared).
  5. Watson Award (For positive contribution to our Cross Country Women’s Team): Marie Duignan
  6. Spirit of Track Award: Sarah Buckley
  7. International Representative (For most events abroad): Hannu Simola
  8. London Marathon 2018 Awards (First finishers for the club): Bryan Maillardet & Helena Hayes
  9. Big Half 2018 Awards (First finishers for the club): Leah Ward-Bower & Calvin Mullings
  10. Funniest Moment: Edwin Mooiman
  11. 5 Year Service Awards (For 5 years on the London City AC Committee): Edwin Mooiman & Stefan Watson
  12. Life Membership Award (For outstanding contribution to the club): Denise Watson
  13. Draw for Club London Marathon 2019 places: Nick Androulidakis & Andrew Maillardet

London Marathon 2019 Club Ballot

London City Athletics Club have two places to ballot off to our members for the London Marathon 2019.

Members will receive confirmation of the number of places in early November when you will be invited to apply to enter our club ballot. The number we are awarded is based on the number of First Claim members we have, as explained here. The draw will take place at the Christmas Party & Awards Night on Saturday 15th December.

The London City AC committee have agreed the following criteria for entering this year’s ballot:

  • You must have entered, and been rejected for, the London Marathon 2019 public ballot and be able to evidence this with your rejection email or letter – KEEP YOUR REJECTION EMAILS AND LETTERS!
  • You must be an EA Affiliated First Claim London City AC member.
  • You must have raced or volunteered 3 times during 2018 for the club. Races only include all Met League, Southern Athletics League and Surrey Road League Races, plus the Helsinki and Lanzarote club trips. Volunteering does NOT include taking track registration (members receive a free track session per registration).
  • You cannot enter the ballot if you have received a place from the club in the previous 5 years.

Members – Keep your rejection emails and letters. If you haven’t raced for the club this year we have three Cross Country events remaining in 2018 starting with Claybury on 13th October.

London City AC at I Move London Relay

On Monday 23rd July, London City Athletics Club completed it’s take-over of the I Move London Relay with runners filling the baton relay schedule from midnight to midnight. Our members have been taking part in, and volunteering for, the event throughout the month with a full 24 hour takeover yesterday.

The event is a Guinness World Record attempt running from 29th June until 29th July, with an estimated 2,500 runners, carrying a baton over 4,000 miles, in 10k and 5k loops around the River Thames. The event is in aid of three charities – The Running Charity, Sported and Laureus.

Our 10k runners during our takeover day were:

00:00 Alan Venning
01:05 Laura Chesham & Jo Tillman
02:15 Andrew Firth
04:20 Caoimhe Nic Fhogartaigh
05:20 Catherine McGarr
06:25 Mat Barber & James Screen
08:40 Edwin Mooiman
09:55 James Moyse
12:10 Ellie Awford
13:15 Tim Sherman & Andrew Cowan
14:30 Tash Sheel
16:45 Ollie Short
17:50 Sandra Marie
19:05 Nick Sutcliffe, Dee Strang, Susan Round & Jonathan Round
20:10 Juliet Heap
21:20 Heather Haggis
22:25 Jamie Barber
23:25 Andy Melrose & Tash Sheel

Other London City AC runners who have taken part in the relay during the month include:
Alice Aniello, Sergio Benis, Maria Butylina, Lynda Cameron, Maite Ferrin, Kristy Foster, Andrew Gambier, Edwin Mooiman, Kevin Narayanassamy, Tara Ongayo, Sarah Pritchard, Chris Raveney, Ian Saunders, Andrew Shreeve, Rachel Wilson.

Crystal Palace Dino Dash Relays

Crystal Palace Fun Runners for hosted their awesome Dino Dash Relays again this week. We fielded 5 teams: Tyrunosaurus Rex, Di-not-see-us-coming-saurs, Londonladysaurus, Triassic 3 and London City Raptors. Each team was made up of three runners who ran an undulating 3k each. Full results and gallery can be found here.

No runners were eaten by Dinosaurs during this year’s event. Pity.

London Marathon 2018

Congratulations to all our runners at this year’s London Marathon!

    Enrico Benedetti 3:32:53
Maria Borg 4:32:43
Shannon Dempsey 4:56:47
Marie Duignan 3:47:29
Ciaran Faherty 2:32:58
Andrew Firth 5:07:06
Tara Gale 3:48:25
Natalie Greenstreet 5:04:08
Andy Grey 3:16:45
Coren Hanley 3:46:22
Helena Hayes 3:16:54
Yasmeen Hussain 3:44:19
Victor Hugo Limachi 3:27:53
Carolina Lanza 3:35:40
Bryan Maillardet 2:48:57
Calvin Mullings 2:50:48
Elizabeth Ottewell 4:50:14
Christina Pennock 3:22:13
Laura Piscitelli 4:08:28
Milena Radoycheva 3:51:51
Ollie Short 3:26:01
Angharad Smith 3:19:18
Mathew Speed 2:54:22
Gen Suzuki 4:15:59
Robert Thomas 3:50:43
Alan Venning 3:46:12
Leah Ward-Bower 3:18:34
Tabitha Warley 4:43:18
Stefan Watson 4:26:02
Penny Williams 3:19:06

Met League Cross Country Distances Ballot

In light of the recent and on-going debate on whether or not Cross Country race distances should be the same distance for both genders, London City AC conducted a member survey to establish their views. Our club competes in the Metropolitan Cross Country League in which the distances are 8K for Senior Men and 6K for Senior Women. Members were given a week to respond to an online survey and 50 members responded. Debate on the subject was encouraged and facilitated on our private social media channels.

The Results:

Q1: Do you believe that the Metropolitan Cross Country League race distances for Senior Male and Female competitors should be ‘equalised’ in light of the debate of gender equality in sport?

Yes: 90%

No: 10%

This is a huge vote in favour of equalising the distances. It should be noted that the 10% who voted ‘No’ were all female runners.

Q2: If ‘Yes’ what distances should they run? Rank in order of preference (1 = 1st choice). 

Members were given four choices taken from our online debates on the subject and asked to rank them. These options were:

  • 6K for both races.
  • 7K for both races.
  • 8K for both races.
  • 8K and 6K ‘alternating’ gender per race (so in first race of the season Senior Men would run 8K and Senior Women 6K, then in the second Women would run the 8K and the Men would run 6K).

These options assume that the Senior Male and Senior Female races will remain separate in order to manage the increasing numbers participating in the league.

Our first clear conclusion is that 6K is by far the least popular option with an average score of 1.81. It was picked as the least favoured option most, and the most favoured option least.

Members mostly picked a first choice of either ‘8K’ or ‘Alternating’, and then 7K as second choice. This happened so often that 7K won the vote with a score of 3.00. 7K was rarely anyone’s favourite option, and was never picked as the least favourite. 7K is seen as the least controversial option and probably the best option for the Met League if distances are equalised.

8K was the favourite option more times than any other, but it’s score came down as it was picked 3rd and 4th choice often enough (Average score was 2.88).

The ‘Alternating’ option was divisive. Members really loved the idea picking it as their first choice, but almost as many picked it as their last choice (Average score was 2.58). Based on these results ‘Alternating’ would be too controversial an idea to put forward to the Met League.

The conclusion is that our members believe distances should be equalised, but have varying opinions on what that should look like in the Met League.

Moving forward we will share these results with the League organisers and the teams in the league to see what their thoughts are. If 10 clubs express support for the least controversial and divisive option of 7K for both senior races, then we will be happy to propose a rule change to the League for a vote at this year’s AGM in April. Also, if clubs back 8K for both, our club will support this as it was picked 1st choice most often. A majority of the 24 clubs in the League would need to vote in favour of any change.

Update: London City AC proposed increasing the distance of the Women’s race to 8K. This was voted against 8 votes to 6 by the other clubs in the Met League. A threshold of 11 votes (two thirds of clubs attending the AGM) was required for the proposal to pass.

Club Trip: Vilnius 2017

Congratulations to all our runners at this year’s club trip! This year’s destination was the beautiful city of Vilnius in Lithuania. The event was host to races of various distances from Marathon to the unusual distance of 4.2k. Our runners went mostly for the Half Marathon, and two smashed the full Marathon. However, it wasn’t all about the running, as we enjoyed some excellent tourism which included a visit to the Vilnius Museum of Illusions!

Thank you to Audinga Andruskeviciute, one of our members who is from Vilnius and was an excellent tour guide for our team. Also thanks to Tony Wilson, who took many pictures and made a fantastic film of our trip (below).

Special congratulations to Laura Chesham who achieved a fantastic half marathon personal best. She achieved this despite suffering some nasty injuries after a fall during the race.


Shakir Khan 04:28:29
Hannu Simola 03:23:18

Half Marathoners

Maria Butylina 01:55:38
Laura Chesham 01:45:10
Sarah Deeny 01:57:19
Andrew Firth 01:53:04
Heather Haggis 01:47:48
Joe Jenkinson 01:40:09
Adam Millbery 01:26:44
Nick Sutcliffe 01:55:17
Jo Tillman 01:47:48
Alan Venning 01:45:07
Rachel Wilson 02:06:34

London City AC join the Southern Athletics League!

We’re excited to announce that London City Athletics Club has joined the Southern Athletics League! This will be a fantastic addition to our summer fixture list in addition to the Surrey Road League.

The Southern Athletics League is the Track and Field league for clubs in the SEAA region. London City AC will be joining 16 other clubs in Division Three South-East (although this may change if a ‘Central’ league is formed). The league runs from April to August with five fixtures, one in each month.

In our brief club history our members have only participated competitively in road and cross country running. As we approach the 1st anniversary of moving into our refurbished home, we are moving the club forward towards training and competing in all disciplines of athletics.

So, if you want to test your skills, speed and agility and take part in some track and field events next year, this is the place to be! You may be inspired by the recent World Championships that took place in London, you may be re-living your school days, or indeed you may be giving it a go for the first time. Either way, the Southern Athletics League will provide our members of all abilities the opportunity to compete in, and enjoy, athletics.

For more information check out the Southern Athletics League website and our club fixture list.