London City Athletics Club Committee Meeting

Monday 26thNovember, 18:30

Interim venue Decathlon meeting space


Meeting minutes



Rachel Wilson (RW) – General Secretary

Alan Venning (AV) – Road running and Cross country Secretary

Edwin Mooiman (EM) – Membership Secretary (Chair)

Stefan Watson (SW) – Treasurer

Vicki McLachlan (VM)  – Junior Secretary

Marie Duignan (MD) – Ordinary member

Audinga Andruskeviciute (AA) – Ordinary member

Florie Lhuilier (FL) – Press and Social Media Secretary

Heather Haggis (HH) – Ordinary member


  1. Welcome, apologies


Apologies from Andy Melrose


  1. Minutes of last meeting 29thOctober 2018


Committee agreed the minutes from the last meeting.


Outstanding actions:

EM to complete bank application and obtain debit card





  1. Finance update (SW)


Account healthy.  Everyone Active have not yet sent track invoice for October. Kings have reverted with booking form for their Thursday sessions so invoices can now be produced separately.  ACTION SW will email Kings to confirm 20thDecember Thursday session (last before Xmas). Izettle receipts good. Coaching costs higher this month but include additional hours for junior event.  Paul Billingham still owes for club vest. SEAA affiliation has been paid.


  1. Kings coaching payments


Sprints coaches are receiving payment late from Kings. VM questioned whether LCAC could take over payment of all coaching invoices and then charge Kings to speed up payment to coaches.

Committee reluctant to take on payment risk from Kings, just because because their administration is slow.  However agreed that we need to do what we can to help.  ACTION VMto ascertain length of delay and then contact Kings to see what can be done to speed up the process.


  1. EasySpace annual payment


Committee/SW agreed to amount due.  ACTION RWto update with her card details for autorenew and claim back. It was agreed to look at earlier next year to see if cost saving can be made.


  1. Rebrand


Social media/website rebrand discussed.  Agreed to start phasing out the Tower Bridge logo, starting with website, Facebook and Twitter. Further changes to be made over the next year.


  1. Junior update


Going well, no specific updates.


  1. Runequal


Lots of Met League emails regarding the new XC reg procedures, including a lengthy and unhelpful argument as to why races shouldn’t be equalised.  This email was shared with the Gender Equality Facebook page by AV, resulting in AV receiving abusive messages.  LCAC will continue to act in a dignified manner and not react to provocation.

Nigel Shardlow ordered and paid for the Runequal bibs of his own volition, however it was agreed that it would be a nice gesture if the club offered to share a proportion of the cost.  50% was deemed a suitable figure.  ACTION MDto talk to Nigel.

Need to consider which club might be best placed to put forward a new motion for equalisation at the AGM.  Shouldn’t be LCAC again.

AV has given an interview to Runner’s World magazine.


  1. Southwark Park 150thAnniversary


We have been contacted by Southwark Park Association (Patrick Kingwell) asking if LCAC would like to be involved in the 150thanniversary events next June.  They have suggested some kind of competition involving Cambridge Harriers (who were the first club to train in the park) or would be interested in any other suggestions we may have.  Committee agreed that it would be a good opportunity to host an event at the track. ACTION RW to contact Patrick so see if he and/or a rep from Cambridge Harriers would like to attend a future LCAC committee meeting to discuss further.


  1. Community volunteering


HH volunteers with a group called Mini Mermaids, who support underfunded schools with exercise and healthy eating programmes. HH has accompanied a group of girls on a parkrun and wondered if LCAC members could get involved somehow at Southwark parkrun.  There is an equivalent for boys. Question of DBS checks – HH has not been required to provide this. ACTION HH to check DBS situation and also speak with Southwark parkrun core team.


  1. Christmas party


        34 tickets purchased, target is 50. (Update: 50 tickets sold as of 3/12/2018) HH will plug at track and XC.  Prizes will be delivered shortly.  The VLM ballot will also be drawn at the party – 19 registered so far.


  1. AOB


Big Half


61 people have registered for their places so far.  MD has given a deadline of the end of the week, after which any places not registered will be offered out to others.

Proposed date for next meeting 7thJan as limited availability of suitable dates in December.