Updated – 30th March 2020:

All Senior and Junior training sessions are cancelled until further notice. 

No athletics activity to take place in England until at least 31st May.

This is in line with the latest UK Government and England Athletics advice. This cancellation is for all planned sessions until further notice. We are aware this maybe a number of weeks and possibly months before regular training returns. We will keep our members updated.

Senior Members – If you’re self isolating and require assistance please feel free to use our social media channels to request assistance from your fellow members.

If you have paid £15 for track for the calendar month of March – this payment will roll over to the next full calendar month we are open.

Junior Parents – please pay attention to your Teamstuff communications.

Summer leagues

Southern Athletics League: League is suspended at least until the end of June. The first three fixtures are cancelled.

Surrey Road League: Richmond Half Marathon, Sutton 10K and the Dorking Tens are cancelled. Richmond 10K sign up process is suspended, but has not yet been cancelled.

Social Distancing advice whilst running

We would like to advise our members to try to do as follows, whilst out running during the ‘lockdown’ period:

  • Keep two metres away from other people
  • Avoid narrow paths/routes including Canal Towpaths
  • Only overtake people if you can maintain a 2 metre distance, or slow down until there is sufficient space
  • Pedestrians have priority (just like parkrun)
  • In parks, try using the grass (required in Brockwell Park)
  • Stay close to home
  • Reduce your mileage and efforts by at least a third, compared to your usual activity

Remember – the UK Government are instructing us to try to minimise our time outdoors. Please consider this before every run!

For further information please read:

The current advice from England Athletics here.

The current advice from NHS here.

The current advice from the UK Government here.