Met League Cross Country

London City AC competes in the Start Fitness Metropolitan Cross Country League. The league consists of five fixtures in the season, one each month from October to February.

Who can run?

  • England Athletics Affiliated ‘First Claim’ London City AC senior members. Instructions on how to switch to become First Claim for London City AC can be found here
  • ‘Second Claim’ London City AC members whose first claim club is not also a Met League participant. Second Claim runners must be registered before the season starts
  • Kings College London Athletics & XC Club members with EA Affiliation can run as ‘Second Claim’ if registered before the season starts
  • Junior club members with EA Affiliation, when accompanied and supervised by their own parent or guardian throughout the event

Met League Cross Country races are free, but require an EA Affiliated membership.

Social Members with no EA Affiliation cannot participate, but can add EA Affiliation to their London City AC Membership here if they wish to.

Equipment and Kit

You will need a pair of Cross Country spikes for most fixtures. Trail shoes can also be worn during dry conditions.

You should wear a London City AC vest which can be purchased via our online kit shop.

You will be a given a race number bib at your first event of the season, and this will be your bib for the rest of that season. Please keep your bib. If you lose it you will need to be issued with a new bib with a new number. Please save us the admin and keep your bib!


The fixtures are listed on the Met League Website and also on our Fixtures page.

Race Day Schedule


Juniors, supervised by their parent or guardian, are required to be on location between 11:30am and 12pm.

If a Junior runner is late and misses their race they will not be entered in to the next race as this will be a higher age category.

Race start times are flexible on the day so we require runners to adhere to the ‘Be Ready to Race’ time. This is the time a runner is fully kitted out, registered, wearing their race number etc.

The Junior ‘Be Ready to Race’ times are:

U11 Boys (Ages 9-10 years): 12:20pm

U11 Girls (Ages 9-10 years): 12:20pm

U13 Boys (Ages 11-12 years): 12:30pm

U13 Girls (Ages 11-12 years): 12:30pm

U17 Men/U15 Boys (Ages 13-16 years): 1pm

U17 Women/U15 Girls (Ages 13-16 years): 1pm

Senior Women & Men

Both Senior Women and Men’s teams are required to be on location between 12:30pm and 1pm. Late comers risk being turned away. The Senior ‘Be Ready to Race’ times are:

U20 / Senior / Veteran Women (Ages 17 years+): 1pm

U20 / Senior / Veteran Men (Ages 17 years+):  1pm


A full list of Met League rules can be found here. Cross Country is a team event and if runners break any of these rules then the runner and/or the club can be deducted league points and/or disqualified.

Runners are required to adhere to the London City AC Codes of Conduct throughout the day, as agreed by each runner on joining the club. This includes pre and post race travel and events.