London City AC at I Move London Relay

On Monday 23rd July, London City Athletics Club completed it’s take-over of the I Move London Relay with runners filling the baton relay schedule from midnight to midnight. Our members have been taking part in, and volunteering for, the event throughout the month with a full 24 hour takeover yesterday.

The event is a Guinness World Record attempt running from 29th June until 29th July, with an estimated 2,500 runners, carrying a baton over 4,000 miles, in 10k and 5k loops around the River Thames. The event is in aid of three charities – The Running Charity, Sported and Laureus.

Our 10k runners during our takeover day were:

00:00 Alan Venning
01:05 Laura Chesham & Jo Tillman
02:15 Andrew Firth
04:20 Caoimhe Nic Fhogartaigh
05:20 Catherine McGarr
06:25 Mat Barber & James Screen
08:40 Edwin Mooiman
09:55 James Moyse
12:10 Ellie Awford
13:15 Tim Sherman & Andrew Cowan
14:30 Tash Sheel
16:45 Ollie Short
17:50 Sandra Marie
19:05 Nick Sutcliffe, Dee Strang, Susan Round & Jonathan Round
20:10 Juliet Heap
21:20 Heather Haggis
22:25 Jamie Barber
23:25 Andy Melrose & Tash Sheel

Other London City AC runners who have taken part in the relay during the month include:
Alice Aniello, Sergio Benis, Maria Butylina, Lynda Cameron, Maite Ferrin, Kristy Foster, Andrew Gambier, Edwin Mooiman, Kevin Narayanassamy, Tara Ongayo, Sarah Pritchard, Chris Raveney, Ian Saunders, Andrew Shreeve, Rachel Wilson.