London Marathon Volunteering

The alarm went off before 6am. An ungodly hour to be getting up, especially on a Sunday. But this wasn’t just any Sunday. It was 28 April, the day of the London Marathon and a small group of LCAC’ers weren’t running (a fact that seemed to make rolling out of bed that little bit easier), we were volunteering. First stop, London Bridge Station for a quick safety briefing and then out into the hall to direct traffic. “Blue start… track x, red start … track y, toilets … back up the tunnel, Gatwick Airport … no idea, you’ll need to check the board, no this is not Euston station”. A steady stream of runners and supporters made their way through the station for over three hours, some cutting it mighty fine arriving just after 9am as the LCAC volunteering team was making its way to Tooley Street for part 2 of the day. After a short briefing and with our high vis Marshall bibs on we were sent out to patrol a stretch from near the Coop all the way to Bermondsey station. For just over seven hours, we chased balloons, tennis balls and stragglers (pedestrians, that is, not runners) off the course, cheered runners and generally kept an eye out for anything odd. All in all a great day out. Such a brilliant way to get a completely different perspective on the event and to give a bit back to the fantastic community of runners participating on the day.

Kasia Sienko