Next Track Sessions

Our Coached Track Sessions for Distance runners this week will be as follows:

Tuesday 13th Feb 2018

Endurance Long group 1
4/5 x 1-mile efforts off 2 mins recovery
Recovery: 2 mins
Effort – 10m pace – maintain
consistent efforts.

Endurance Shorter group 2
2min/3max sets x 5 x 500mtrs @ 10k pace – maintain consistent efforts. At the end of each set run, 2×200 meters strides smooth but strong efforts
Recovery 90 seconds between efforts / 3 mins between sets
Effort – 10k pace


Thursday 15th Feb 2018

Endurance Long group 1
8/10 x 1K off 90 sec recovery
Effort – target race pace – all efforts to be consistent, within 3-5 sec of target race pace.
Recovery 90 sec jog recovery

Endurance Shorter group 2
3 x 1k off 2 min recovery
5 x 250mtr off jog recovery
3 x 1k off 1 min recovery
Recovery as above – focus specifically on keeping recovery accurate

Pace Chart