Southern Athletics League 2018

London City AC’s debut season at the Southern Athletics League track and field matches has been a display of both experienced and emerging talent, hard work, lots of fun and a great squad of support. From the first fixture back in April with a handful of members competing in as many events as they possibly could, to the last match at Tooting Bec where we had sprinters sprinting, jumpers jumping, throwers throwing and distance runners racing middle distance (and not doing a bad job!), the blue and yellow of London City AC made a colourful impact on the league and we could not be more proud! Well done to every single member who took part, both those who provided the team with valuable experience (including teaching us how to hand over a relay baton!) and those who turned up and had a go, whether they had done the event before or not. We had it all! From my personal perspective as a long time marathoner and ultra-marathoner, the idea of track racing horrified me at first. But after attending a couple of fixtures to spectate and cheer, FOMO took hold fast and the excitement of racing on a track intrigued me, so I was quickly convinced to give it a try. By the last fixture I’d bought myself a pair of track spikes and loved every second of racing! Granted, I stuck to the relative safe zone of track running, whereas I think huge kudos has to go to the members who threw their hat in at the throws and jumps, some of whom had not competed at these events before, ever! And of course I think the biggest cheers go to our now seasoned steeple-chasers who took on the challenge of possibly the hardest event of the match and did it with style and finesse.
It’s been a season of firsts, of PBs and of great team-work. I HIGHLY recommend anyone and everyone to give it a try next season. All we need to add to Melrose’s list of ‘Heroes’ is a few officials for each match. Providing officials is part of the club’s obligations as a league member, so any budding authority figures (who want to help refresh the look and feel of the official side of proceedings!) keep a look out for upcoming official courses that will be advertised soon!