Trail Running Results

The club members get actively involved in various trail races of all distances from 5km to ultras. The club also organises hill sessions and trail training runs on weekends once in a while.
Here are some recent trail running events that our club members have taken part in:
SHORT (0-20km)
RaceRunnerDateDistanceElevation GainTimeClub Course Record
Box Hill Fell RaceTom Gunner1/20/201812km520m1:20:331:20:33 (M)
Box Hill Fell RaceKaren Tostee1/20/201812km520m1:23:021:23:02 (F)
Box Hill Fell RaceRobert Peake1/20/201812km520m1:26:02
Box Hill Fell RaceJamie Barber1/20/201812km520m1:27:43
Box Hill Fell RaceNick Sutcliffe1/20/201812km520m1:47:26
Nuclear RushAlastair Stanley5/1/201812km1:44:481:44:48 (M)
John Clarke Memorial Fell RaceJamie Barber6/22/20185.2km300m0:28:5000:28:50 (M)
John Clarke Memorial Fell RaceShakir Khan6/22/20185.2km300m0:35:06
Shoreham Woods 10kmStewart Muir9/1/201810km0:41:4912:41:49 (M)
Shoreham Woods 10kmJason Carpenter9/1/201810km0:47:15
Autumn Quarter MarathonLynda Cameron9/29/201810.55km57:04:0057:04:00 (F)
Beachy Head 10kmMaria Butylina10/27/201810km215m0:52:030:52:03 (F)
MEDIUM (20-50km)
RaceRunnerDateDistanceElevation GainTimeClub Course Record
Salomon Ring of Steall SkyraceBernat Gual i Ricart9/16/201729km2500m5:48:205:48:20 (M)
Salomon Ring of Steall SkyraceTom Gunner9/16/201729km2500m5:56:35
Salomon Ring of Steall SkyraceRobert Peake9/16/201729km2500m6:10:14
Kings Forest Trail Half MarathonAngharad Smith9/24/201721.1km1:41:111:41:11 (F)
Punchbowl MarathonHisayo Kawahara2/11/201830 miles7:47:00
VOTWO Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 2Marie Duignan3/24/201826 miles1000m5:28:175:28:17 (F)
VOTWO Jurassic Coast Challenge Day 3Thomas Kingston3/24/201826 miles1000m5:03:165:03:16 (M)
The Maverick inov-8 Original Hampshire 2018Jamie Barber3/10/201822km158m1:45:341:45:34 (M)
The South Downs Way Devils Challenge 50kmNick Sutcliffe5/5/201850km1146 m6:48:296:48:29 (M)
Beachy Head MarathonNick Sutcliffe10/27/201842.1km1318m4:44:504:44:50 (M)
Beachy Head MarathonHannu Simola10/27/201842.1km1318m4:44:504:44:50 (M)
North Downs RunClaire Pepper6/24/201830km600m2:51:512:51:51 (F)
North Downs RunKatarzyna Sienko6/24/201830km600m3:00:00
North Downs RunNick Sutcliffe6/24/201830km600m3:18:283:18:28 (M)
North Downs RunMaria Butylina6/24/201830km600m3:18:28
North Downs RunChan Truong6/24/201830km600m3:22:15
Coastal Trail Series Dorset Half MarathonJames Screen12/1/201816.8 miles1085m3:20:523:20:52 (M)
Coastal Trail Series Dorset Half MarathonMatthew Barber12/1/201816.8 miles1085m3:52:50
Stour Valley Path 50Katarzyna Sienko8/11/201850km5:05:395:05:39 (F)
LONG (50km +)
RaceRunnerDateDistanceElevation GainTimeClub Course Record
XNRG Pilgrim Challenge 66 miles (2 days)Marie Duignan3/4 February66 miles2000m12:41:3012:41:30 (F)
XNRG Pilgrim Challenge 66 miles (day 1)Tom Gunner2/3/201933 miles1000m6:02:166:02:16 (M)
XNRG Pilgrim Challenge 66 miles (day 1)Nick Sutcliffe2/3/201933 miles1000m7:08:41
Centurion SDW 50 milesMarie Duignan4/7/201850 miles1750m9:04:529:04:52 (F)
The Transylvania 100Sarah Pritchard5/19/2018102 km6486 m27:39:3727:39:37 (F)
Race to The TowerAmy White6/9/201885km2333m9:34:139:34:13 (F)
Centurion SDW 100Marie Duignan6/9/2018100 miles3870m23:35:0023:35:00 (F)
Ultimate trails 55kmJo Tillman7/1/201755km2134m8:37:238:37:23 (F)
Ultimate trails 55kmJames Lobo7/1/201755km2134m8:37:238:37:23 (M)
Ultimate trails 55kmNick Sutcliffe7/1/201755km2134m11:18:35
Thames Path ChallengePhillip Kynaston9/8/2018100km164m11:33:4311:33:43 (M)
Lakes in a DayHisayo Kawahara10/13/201850 miles4000m8:02:28
Thames TrorPhillip Kynaston10/27/201850 miles211m7:13:437:13:43 (M)